Toilet Cat, Quit Hogging The Toilet

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Hello! This week we cut up some giant ships, complain about the long load times in Destiny 2, find a dead body in Animal Crossing, dream about Skate 4, fall in love with a weird Fortnite skin and meet the wonderful Toilet Cat.


Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

These old consoles are creaking and groaning like old warships and its time for them to retire soon.

I bought the hotdog dude because he seemed like the weirdest character skin. Now they release this...


One day I will play some more Fallout 76, but it will never be as fun as hearing all the wild and bad stuff that happens in that game via stories like this.


Does anybody remember Dust514?



Cortana, what are the current street prices for smack in this area?


*The Law & Order theme starts, but it’s like really upbeat and fun.*


What gets wetter as it dries....?


Trailers And Videos You May Have Missed

If EA won’t give us Skate 4 then we at least have Session, which seems to be improving with each update.

Sometimes I see a trailer for a game that looks good, but the music ruins the video...

I didn’t realize that I wanted to play a game where I cut up giant ships in space and sell the parts I salvage. But it turns out, I did want this game. I just needed someone to make it and tell me about it.

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