Alright, you sinners. Last week's confessional was ... adequate. I still feel that you are holding back, and you cannot purify your gaming soul unless you make a full accounting of all your trespasses. So we're going to have another round of punishment today, starring Dark Souls.

This is 10 minutes (entirely in Japanese) of a woman playing the Demon's Souls successor (seen via Game Informer). Should you find this footage compelling there are two more videos. You only have to watch this one though. Play it, then in the comments tell us how long you lasted before you hit stop or mute, and confess your gaming sins.

Here's mine: I lasted 1:46, and I once ragequit a game of MLB Stickball against a human opponent when I lost the no-hitter in the fourth inning.


I'm not saying punishment will be back next week, but depending upon the quality of your contrition, I'm not saying it won't, either.

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