Another year, another bland Tokyo Game Show slogan. Every year TGS has a catch phrase, and this year it is:

GAME, healthy.

The actual Japanese slogan is "GAMEは、元気です"(GAME wa, genki desu), and "genki" has several meanings: Vigor, energy, robust, etc. The ENGLISH CAPITALIZATION of the word "game" is a carry over from last year's blergh theme. (The slogan for 2007 was better than either of these!)


And saying that gaming is healthy or energetic? Surely, the Tokyo Game Show organizers realize by now that Nintendo traditionally does not attend TGS.

2009's Tokyo Game Show runs from September 24 to September 27, with the first two days being business/press days. The last two days are open to the public. Tickets cost ¥1,200 (US$12.26) the day of the show and are ¥1,000 ($10.23) in advance.