To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: Cussin' and Nintendo

Yep, so that's my Rock Band band's new name. Pretty bitchin', ain't it? I was going for something a little sentimental, but with enough of an edge to let everybody know we can and will fuck you up and RAWK!!!! you OUT!!!! (/devil horns) Started over last night, got the tour bus and painted that name on the sucker. Then I went up in front of a bunch of big-hair 1980s groupies and 100 percented "Round and Round." On easy. Oh hell yes I did! After my set the stage got hit by a Category 5 hurricane o' panties. Hey ladies, who wants to go to bed with the lead guitarist of GRANDMA INCEST!!! Whoa, whoa, just three at a time now ...

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Note: The artist gratefully acknowledges his best friend Richard, who in fact came up with this hypothetical metal band name many years ago.


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