Madden's First Video Game — It Wasn't Football

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Tucked in a gallery of vintage video game ads is that at left — John Madden lending his cred as "sportscaster for CBS Video Games" to Atari 2600 versions of GORF and Wizard of Wor.


Huh. I vaguely remember that library of games. Tooling around teh Google, lo and behold, there's video (below) of pre-mushmouth Madden calling the epic Tony Sarkis vs. Ray Johnson showdown — yeah I don't remember it either — in Wizard of Wor on the 2600. Madden's commentary lacks the signature boom, bam, here's-a-guy, and telestrator pee-pees. But still, you always leave him feeling you learned something about the game, you know? For the record, Ray wins.

Hey I got one: What does Ostia have in common with Wizard of Wor? Both are ancient ports! Get it? Get it?!


Don't like the pun? Suck it! But remember, that money back offer on Wizard of Wor expires in two weeks ... from 26 years ago.

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Sando Calrissian

John Madden is Louie Anderson's father?