Today's the last day of 2011, which means it's the last day of the month and the last day you will see that goddamn righteous chicken in our TAYpic. I'll be sad to see him go.

Many thanks to SkyWizard: The True Creator for the final TAYpic of 2011.

As the evening winds down, feel free to unload your thoughts here on video gaming in 2011 or what you expect in 2012. This could even be a "What are you playing this year?" since we didn't drop that feature on you yesterday. You know the story with TAY, it's your discussion, just keep it on video games.


But feel free to wish everyone a Happy New Year as it counts down. I know that we have readers from all over the world, (it is already morning in Australia and the Far East), so please, tell us what the future is like. Do we have a flying car yet?

The gang will be back on Monday and we should have a new TAYpic base image for you by Tuesday or so. And there are some more posts coming tonight and tomorrow, so please do check back in. Until then, talk—amongst yourselves!

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