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I have enough trouble getting from start to finish in a racing game, but Drive!Drive!Drive! wants to push everyone a little further. In Drive!Drive!Drive!, racers are not only managing their position on the track in front of them—they're managing position on several tracks at once.

The trailer provides a slightly better understanding of the madness ahead:


Drive!Drive!Drive! comes from different cloth, developer of Derrick The Deathfin and the highly underrated and completely overlooked lilt line.

While I could kind of understand what Drive!Drive!Drive! was in my head, I emailed designer Godron Midwood and asked for some details. While slightly reluctant, he teased a little bit out:

"It is an original racing game with a highly experimental core mechanic which allows you to race multiple tracks simultaneously," said Midwood. "Players must race/manage several tracks at once over 1 lap, trying to win all of them simultaneously and flipping between them at racetime to manage positions. In the final game, multiplayer mode will ensure an even greater level of challenge/carnage. I appreciate that may sound a little unusual/confusing but once you play the game it becomes clear very quickly. You can be assured it's like nothing you've ever played before, and requires speed of thought and presence of mind, as well as top notch racing skills!"

In other words:


Yep, that looks completely ridiculous! I can't wait to see more.

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