This Dragon's Crown Statue Is Freaking Me Out

I know the character designers in Dragon’s Crown are exaggerated, but holy shit.

RocketNews24 (as noted on Twitter by Polygon’s Mike McWhertor) noticed a new 1:6-scale Dragon’s Crown figure that Beat Hobby will sell next March for 17,064 yen (roughly $138 USD).


The proportions on the original artwork were pretty ridiculous, of course, though in-line with artist and Dragon’s Crown designer George Kamitani’s style.

You can see what the figure designers were going for, but, um.





(Is that what a knee is supposed to look like?)

Thing is, I’m not even convinced it’s possible for this statue to stay upright. Do we have the technology? I know we have supercomputers in our pockets, but it’s not clear to me we can stop this statue from tipping over.


How is that head attached to the body? Also, the neck is making me twitch.

According to Kirk Hamilton, this is basically the end of Akira. Case in point:


While I respect Kamitani as an artist, his work on Dragon’s Crown’s did nothing for me—it was way too much and grossed me out. But even if you dug it, this seems like a terrible adaptation and oh god oh god knees don’t work that way.

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