With Fable II out the door, Lionhead will be working on new stuff. But what, exactly, are they working on? Who knows! It may, however, be one (or both) of these projects.

Found on the website of conceptual designers Leading Light - who have worked with Peter Molyneux's team before - is mention of two Lionhead projects. One called "Justice", the other called "Survivors". There's concept art for both projects and...little else.

"Justice" appears to be some kind of action title set in the near future, with concept art highlighting shootouts with police and some kind of terrorist incident (that plane wreck above features the tail section of a downed Air Force One).

"Survivors", meanwhile (above), features a bunch of people in expensive, adventurous clothing coping with/escaping from various natural (or otherwise) disasters.


Now, studio boss Peter Molyneux loves to talk. And last year, he spoke of the company working on two projects. These are two projects. So are these the two?

Don't get too carried away. One, or even both of these may indeed be in production at Lionhead, but as you know, the vast majority of games that enter into pre-production don't ever make it out. Just as there's a chance these may turn into real Lionhead games, there's an even greater one that they won't.


Not saying it's impossible (most of the other stuff listed on their site made it onto store shelves), just...yeah, don't get too carried away.

Oh, and if you bother checking out Leading Light's site below, you'll also note something called "Titan", an amazing-looking (giant robots! giant robots vs giant bugs!) project that Stormfront looks to have been working on before they shut down last year.


UPDATE - Seems our sceptcism was well-founded. Lionhead have said of the projects "These are old projects that we're no longer working on".

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