Molyneux Teases Two New Projects On G4 Tonight

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You can't keep a good hype machine down, especially one as efficient as Lionhead Studios' Peter Molyneux. The outspoken, excitable developer is teasing his next two projects on tonight's episode of G4's X-Play.


Now that Fable II has shipped and made a killing at retail, it's time to move on. The show is still a few hours away for those of us on the West Coast, but G4's The Feed writes that Pete will talk up one "familiar" game, hinting that a beloved Bullfrog or Lionhead franchise may be revisited. Ooh! What could it be?! The Moves II?

The other? It's touted to be "something completely different," specifically "different from anything any development studio has done before." Perhaps it's a hyperbole game? Whatever it is, we've now learned that a teaser for a teaser is almost as unbearable as an announcement about an announcement.


Exclusive: Molyneux Teases TWO New Projects on Tonight's X-Play [G4]

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I think L4D won too many awards it shouldn't have won. L4D is winning awards on it's current hype right. If L4D was released earlier this year. It would have been more forgotten and not be getting the attention it is now. GTAIV deserved more awards. That all being said, bravo on Fable II winning X-play's GOTY. I can honestly say I had a wonderful time playing that game, heck I beat it and I'm still playing it. Great choice!