The Wii Will Soon Play DLC Straight Off A 32GB SD Card (Who Needs A HDD?)

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Who needs a HDD? Not Wii owners, that's for sure, with news today that - beginning with Guitar Hero 5 - Nintendo will begin allowing proper, retail games (not just VC) to stream data from a high capacity memory card.


This means that if you want to download in-game content - like songs for Guitar Hero - you can just store them on an SD card, leave it in the Wii, and the game can load the data straight off it. As IGN explain:

All the tricks used for both Guitar Hero and Rock Band in the past – leaving internal memory open– is gone. Instead, straight-up booting off the SD card is available, and that means easier downloads, larger expansions, and quicker loads when bringing in song data from the SD card into GH5.

This feature will support cards up to 32GB in size, which when you consider the PS3 and 360 got by with 20GB HDDs for a while, isn't too shabby.

This also means that Guitar Hero 5 will be the first Guitar Hero game on the Wii to fully embrace downloadable content, as you'll now be able to pick up full albums and download them all at once, just like the kids on the 360 and PS3. It'll also give you enough space to import your songs from Guitar Hero World Tour, again, just like the 360 and PS3 versions.

Which is fine and dandy for Guitar Hero fans, but we're more interested in what this means for future titles that support the feature. Wonder if any developers - or even Nintendo themselves - have any plans for full-scale downloadable content, like we see on PS3 and 360?


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Why was Nintendo late on adopting the Compact Disc format? Online Gaming? HI-DEF? HDD?

Because Nintendo always bets on it's popular franchises, innovation and simplicity. This time with the Wii. It paid off.

Now that the wow factor of motion control is wearing off. Nintendo is left with what is basically a last gen system, poor lineup of games and forced to play catch up to the modern consoles, 360 and PS3.