Wii System Update Adds Play From SD Card Support

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Hitting at the same time as Nintendo President Satoru Iwata's keynote speech at GDC, a new system update is available for the Nintendo Wi that adds an SD card menu option to the Wii menu.


Clicking on the SD card icon brings up a message telling users that they can launch channels from an SD storage card by temporarily utilizing the Wii system memory. It then warns that save games should be moved to Wii system memory before launching games.

Speaking at Nintendo's keynote at GDC, Nintendo's Bill Trinnen explains that users can now download directly from the Wii Shop Channel to an SD card, launching the games directly from the card. The SD card menu features 20 screens of 12 channels a piece, meaning with the right sized card you can expect to stroe up to 240 games. As of update 4.0, SD cards of up to 32GB are now supported.

It certainly looks like this is the answer to Wii owners' storage woes. What are you waiting for? Run to your Wii and give it a try!



There is no reason to celebrate this, not being able to load save data from the SD card means I still have to transfer the games to the system memory before playing, with the exception of a few NES and Genesis games that I don't need save data for, but the WiiWare titles and N64 games that take up a ton of space on system memory, will still have to take up a ton of space to be playable.

So w00t! I can play Mario and Sonic from the SD card, but none of the 3 Zelda titles i've purchased, none of the Phantasy Star games, no Mario RPG or Paper Mario, none of that unless I wanna keep moving them from SD to system memory like I've been doing since the system launched.