Guitar Hero 5 Lets You Import Older Guitar Hero Songs

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You liked it in Rock Band, now like it in Guitar Hero, as Activision have announced that the upcoming Guitar Hero 5 will let users import older songs from previous games for use in the new title.


Songs from both World Tour and Smash Hits will be able to be carried over into GH5. Though there's a catch: it won't be free (and Activision haven't yet revealed the pricing for this service). As for your downloaded songs, of the 158 World Tour songs currently available, 152 of them will work right away with GH5, though again, precise details (like which tracks aren't compatible) aren't available.

Guitar Hero 5 Hands-on [IGN]

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They should just convert/recreate the songs from all the past GH games (with full instrument support), and offer them online in single or bundle form and let people choose what songs/bundles they want to bring into the new game.

And if it catches on, they can eventually release the recreated songs on a disc for those who don't frequent Live/PSN online so they can import them manually.