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Nintendo has yet to release the official hardware specifications for the Wii U, and it's something Gearbox's Brian Burleson, senior producer on Aliens: Colonial Marines, won't discuss directly. But, he said to Eurogamer, the Wii U will get the best-looking version of the game because it has "more modern tech."


"Just trust me on that one," he added, when Eurogamer pressed for more details on how the game would look better.

Guessing and coyly hinting at the Wii U's capabilities has been an industry parlor game leading up to the console's full reveal at E3 in about 10 days. It's been said to be as powerful as the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Then it's been said to be less powerful. Now we have Gearbox on the record, twice, saying the console is more powerful.


Burleson said building Aliens: Colonial Marines' Wii U version "has been pretty easy. The Wii U is a powerful, powerful machine and it can do a lot of cool new things." Guess we'll find out what kind of cool things in Los Angeles.

Wii U Aliens: Colonial Marines is best-looking version because of console's "more modern tech" [Eurogamer]

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