Gamers and game developers have spent much of the past year arguing and speculating over Nintendo's upcoming Wii U console. Will it be more powerful than other gaming devices? Less powerful? Just as powerful? Will it have HD graphics? Online connectivity? Arms? Will it do your taxes?

The truth is that nobody seems to know anything. First a Darksiders dev said the Wii U is as powerful as the current-gen Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gaming consoles. Then the gaming website reported that developers told them it's less powerful than current-gen consoles.


Now Gearbox's Brian Martel, director of the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines, said in an interview published today by Nintendo Gamer that the Wii U is more powerful than current-gen consoles.

"Things like the Wii U are becoming very sexy," he said. "The machine itself will be one of the best-looking versions of the game, you know, because they've got more RAM than some of the other things. And you know, they're late in the cycle so they've got this really great processor and all that kind of stuff."

All these conflicting reports are making my head explode. We'll know more at this year's E3 conference in June. Until then, let's just assume that the Wii U is just a figment of our collective imaginations.


Wii U has "more RAM" than other current consoles and "really great processor", says Aliens: Colonial Marines director [Nintendo Gamer via NeoGAF]

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