The Week In Review: Opposing Forces

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In sports, they say it's not how you lose but when you lose. In that case, NBA Elite picked a great time, because its indefinite delay was blotted out by two doozies at week's end.


The revamp of EA Sports' basketball title was postponed on Monday, a week before it was due on shelves. On Friday, Gears of War 3 announced it would see at least a five month delay. And then came the hammer to the kisser - Medal of Honor, hounded by mainstream critics for including playable Taliban in its multiplayer mode, announced it was renaming the American enemy in Afghanistan to "Opposing Force," just two weeks before the game is due to ship. The U.S. Army's support of the game may have played a role in the reversal.

The big *good* news? The Nintendo 3DS had its long awaited media event on Wednesday in Japan, getting an Asian release date of Feb. 26, and revealing a slew of details about the latest it-device. It's due to arrive in the west by the end of March.


The week in original reporting on Kotaku:

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What sums up this week on Kotaku in my opinion.