Fingers On With Target's Giant In-Store Touch Screen Game Advisor

Target talked about sprucing up the video game section of their stores way back in May, but I haven't seen any sign of that at my local brand-spanking-new, Super Target until this weekend, when this video panel popped up.


It looks like these giant vertical touch displays have started popping up all over the country this summer, but we didn't get ours until the fall.


Pretty neat idea. As you can see by Tristan's demonstration, the panel lets you peruse the local store's offerings by platform, genre, popularity, what have you.

I'm chalking up just how incredibly out-dated our's seemed to be to the fact that it just popped up over the weekend.

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Michael Dukakis

It's a hive of germs, that's what it is! Little kids with their coughs and sneezes touching that board all day long...

*puts tissue boxes on feet*