The Week in Review: Greatest Of The Year

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In this week Kotaku offered its four nominees for Game of the Year and engaged a public discussion of which deserved the honor. Hundreds of you joined the fray, which was the purpose all along.


The arguments for the nominees were, roughly speaking: Most fun (Black Ops); Best in class (NBA 2K11); Best of two genres (Mass Effect 2) and Most complete (Red Dead Redemption). We had our say, you may still have yours, through all of today and tomorrow. Voting closes at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday.


But 2010's best games were not the only news of the week. Nintendo's 3DS got a price and a release date in the west, plus a slew of hands-on impressions from us. Developments in the Infinity Ward lawsuit, and with a Starcraft mod, kept Activision's lawyers busy. And MLB 2K11 took its camera direction, if not its cues, from yours truly. The week that was in original coverage.

Kotaku's 2010 Game of the Year

2010 Game of the Year Finalist Debate: Mass Effect 2
2010 Game of the Year Finalist Debate: Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360)
2010 Game of the Year Finalist Debate: Red Dead Redemption
2010 Game of the Year Finalist Debate: NBA 2K11

Nintendo 3DS

What We Know So Far About The Nintendo 3DS
Zelda Remake Will Be More User-Friendly On The 3DS, Probably Not Longer
Short Cords, Long Friend Lists And Other Burning 3DS Questions Answered
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Nintendo's 3DS Hits Europe On March 25
Nintendo 3DS U.S and Euro Preview Bonanza And Liveblog
Nintendo's 3DS Hits the U.S. On March 27 for $249.99



Well Played: How The Human Face Could Be the Future of Gaming
Stick Jockey: Can Sports Close Facebook Gaming's Credibility Gap?


Reviews, Previews, Hands-On and Impressions

Yoostar2 Takes Guitar Hero Fun, Aims It At Movies
The Chameleon X-1 Wireless Gamepad Mouse Gets It Half Right
Review: LittleBigPlanet 2 Is Good For The Greedy Gamer
Red Faction Armageddon And The Beauty Of Reversing Chaos
D.C. Universe Online MMO Log Part One: Making A Name For Myself - And Another
Hands-On With Dead Or Alive: Dimensions And Its Unusual Controls
Hands-On With Kid Icarus Uprising, A Superb-Looking 3DS Game
Hands-On With Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
Hands-On With the 3DS' Picture-Morphing, Monster-Seeing Freebies
Hands-On With Pilotwings Resort
Hands-On With The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
PS3 Assault Rifle Misfires Even With Move
An MMA Challenger Walks The Line Of Violence - And Reality



Before They Were Game Of The Year Finalists...
StarCraft Modder's Tense Week Gets A Storybook Conclusion
A Nintendo Argument Against Achievements
Pretty Little Pictures
Meet The Man Responsible For Gaming's Hottest Tune
China Is Totally Freaking Out Japan
This Man Is Final Fantasy Come To Life
Forget Dragons, Japan's Biggest Quest Is For English
Japan's Biggest Pornstar To Become China's Biggest Popstar?


Press Play

Boom, Checkmate!
1,000 Spikes Is More Than Enough To Kill You
Let's All Play This Adventure Game Together
Three Things To Love About Red Faction Armageddon
Hands-On With Steel Diver on the 3DS
3DS' Augmented Reality Turns Cards Into 3D Dragons
A First Look At the 3DS' Free Apps and Surprising Multitasking
This Is A 14-Year-Old's Blockbuster Game
Xbox Live Indie Clips: The Charge Is Only Briefly Sexy



Did The Creators of Call of Duty Delay A Map Pack To Help Out The Competition?
Wait A Minute, This Game Isn't About Strippers!
Will Nintendo And Hollywood Get It Right This Time?
Learn the Secrets of Nintendo's 3DS From the Man Behind Mario Kart and Nintendogs
The Game That Exists In Trailers Only
Is Microsoft Pissing Off Japanese Game Makers?
Portal's Creators Want To Give You Free Games
The 3DS Might Be Making Japan Sick
He's Exorcised Satan, And Now Narrating A Hit Franchise
Hacker Holds Video Game Hostage
Japanese Youth Shunning Sex For...What, Exactly?!


App of the Day

The Perfect Game for the iPad
Not Much Bounce In Bouncing's Step



MLB 2K11's New Broadcast View Features Kotaku's Camera Work



My Unexpected Desire To Play More 3DS Games In 3D



Bring Back World War II
Are Games Giving Us Too Much Freedom?
Are We Ready For The Next Generation Of Game Consoles?
How Realistic Do Gamers Want Their Games To Get?
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The Illustrated Guide To Role-Playing Monsters
Dress Like You Mean To Survive Fallout's Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland
Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Backstage at Nintendo World Winners



Kotaku Editorial Board: Beta Goes Live Soon


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Manly McBeeferton

It looks like Mass Effect 2 is going to win that poll. On one hand I'm not surprised and happy for it. But on the other I wonder if some people are just a little too close-minded and not willingly to pick apart it's flaws and would rather say, "NOPE. BEST GAME EVER." Don't get me wrong, I still think it's deserving. But it's by far not a perfect game and I'm not even talking about the whole, "BIOWARE TOOK AWAY MY RPGS." scandal. Mass Effect 2 was a little streamlined but it still felt like Mass Effect to me. But enough of this before I start rambling about the entire game. Point is, it's a great game. But I'm curious about why people chose it exactly.

Surprised it's beating Black Ops as much as it is. I would expect CoD fans to outweigh the Mass Effect fans here. But I guess there's still a few days for the tide to possibly change.