Sometime within the next month Kotaku Beta will become plain old Kotaku. Now's probably a good time to host another Kotaku Editorial Board to discuss the changes and try to answer some of your questions.

One important thing. You might want to check out this neat little trick on the beta site. Try moving through articles by using your keyboard arrows. Right and left to change articles, up and down to read them. Makes a big difference.

We held our first Kotaku Editorial Board back in July, but with the advent of the Kotaku Editorial Board tag page, it didn't feel as necessary. Myself and the other writers have tried to stay on top of the comments, questions and requests left in the running forum page instead.

That being said, there's also times when it's good to have a front page story where people can ask about the site and the changes coming.


A couple of very important reminders. All commenting rules still apply. Try to be intelligent in your discourse, avoid ad hominem attacks and name calling. This isn't license to attack the site or its staff, it's merely a post that is about Kotaku. Consider it a place where you can ask questions of the site's policies and make suggestions about changes you'd like to see made.

There is no promise that will we do what you ask, but we do promise to listen and to talk with you about your concerns.


This is also probably a great time to remind folks of one of our cardinal rules: Stay on topic. We don't want you coming into this forum to talk about your favorite games just like we don't want you in a post about culture or gaming or movies talking about our editorial decisions.

Post off topic and you'll get a warning, continue to post off topic and you'll get banned.


OK, with that out of the way, ask away. Do keep in mind that while I can talk quite a bit about the beta, things are still in flux and I'm not completely in the loop.