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Consider this an experiment, hopefully a grand one and not a failed one.

As the nature of journalism changes, the biggest of those changes is the relationship a publication has with its readers. We want you to not just read our stories, but to talk with us, challenge the notions presented in a story, debate the ideas raised.


But that's the easy part, we're already doing that: We love hearing your thoughts on the topics we cover. We even have places where you can discuss the topics of your choice and daily happenings of the non-gaming world.

What we don't do, what very few publications do, is ask its readers to go one step further and become not just a focus group helping to shape the face of the publication, but a sort of collective ombudsman.

We're not saying that we're ceding the running of the site, our editorial control and decision making - the mandate of how we cover video games - to you the reader. But we're also not going to shut you out. We just don't want you cluttering stories with your concerns, derailing conversations with your suggestions.

So instead we've created this: A monthly Editorial Board forum that will be used to discuss the nature of Kotaku.


The idea is that this is where you can come to ask questions and make suggestions about the site. Do keep in mind that all of the rules about commenting, about being intelligent in your discourse, avoiding ad hominem attacks and name calling will still apply. This isn't license to attack the site or its staff, it's merely a post that is about Kotaku. Consider it a place where you can ask questions of the site's policies and make suggestions about changes you'd like to see made.

There is no promise that will we do what you ask, but we do promise to listen and to talk with you about your concerns.


This is also probably a great time to remind folks of one of our cardinal rules: Stay on topic. We don't want you coming into this forum to talk about your favorite games just like we don't want you in a post about culture or gaming or movies talking about our editorial decisions.

Post off topic and you'll get a warning, continue to post off topic and you'll get banned.


Now that that is over with, let's chat.

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