2010 Game of The Year Finalist: The Readers' Choice Award

You've read why Mass Effect 2 deserves to be game of the year. Also why Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty: Black Ops and NBA 2K11 deserve the nod. Now it's your turn.


We spent the week publicly debating Kotaku's four finalists for game of the year. Before that we spent a month internally discussing our personal choices. Finally, it came down to each of us electing one game as our personal favorite.

Those four games were each given a champion on the staff who argued why they though the game was the best. They argued to convince you and to convince the rest of us.

Now you have a chance to make the argument for your choice among the finalists. We still haven't tallied our final vote, so now's your chance to change minds.

Drop into comments and make your argument. You don't have to, but it would make the most sense to limit your best argument for a single post. Feel free to debate among yourselves as well. We'll be reading.


Over the weekend we'll be voting. And Monday we'll announce the single winner. Have at it.

You also get one vote for your personal game of the year. The game with the most votes will be named Kotaku's Reader's Choice of 2010 on Monday.


Remember only one vote and if you do a write in, make sure to use the full proper name.

Thanks, play nice!

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