Live | TOKYO, JAPAN: At the 2002 Tokyo Game Show, Xbox Japan rolled out Xbox Live pods. (Photo: Katsumi Kasahara | AP)

First Look at the Blue Nintendo Wii

To mark the Nov. release of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Nintendo of Europe is releasing a blue Wii.
To date, Nintendo has released Wii consoles in white, black, red, and now, blue. More »


Crazy Christians Say Pokémon Are "Oriental Demons", Minecraft's "Distracting"

Minecraft, congratulations! You've officially arrived. Religious nuts are railing against you.
For years now, Pokémon's been a favorite target of those outside the religious mainstream. More »


The Eye-Popping Background Art of Lucasarts Adventure Games

Like movies and comics, games almost force you to constantly look in the foreground, at the characters and moving parts whizzing past your face. Focus solely on what's in front of you, though, and you'll miss some of a game's best bits: More »


Grown Woman Threatened for...Being a Grown Woman

Aki Toyosaki is 24 years-old. A big Grand Theft Auto fan, she works as a voice actress, voicing Yui Hirasawa in K-On as well as Cinque in the upcoming Final Fantasy Type-0. More »



Watch a Man Shoot a Home-Made Rocket Called Quake all the way Into Space

Among amateur rocket-launching circles, there's a bounty called "The Carmack Prize". It's named for id boss, Doom co-creator and budding rocket scientist John Carmack, and will reward anyone who can get a home-made rocket 100,000 feet into space and capture some GPS data from it.
The first people... More »

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