Minecraft, congratulations! You've officially arrived. Religious nuts are railing against you.


For years now, Pokémon's been a favorite target of those outside the religious mainstream.


Dorothy Spaulding from Watchmen Broadcasting, a local Christian broadcast network in Georgia, discussed the perils of Pokeémon with guest Henry Lewis. Apparently, Pokémon are "Oriental demons", and the names of Pokémon are actually the names of real Oriental demons. Nothing quite says demonic like Jigglypuff.

There's also something about evolution, but who believes in that crap anyway!

On the show, Minecraft was lumped in with Pokémon, with the guest saying that it's not "occultic", but it's a distraction that keeps kids from doing things like reading their Bibles.

Be sure to stick around to hear what happened to Henry's pecan tree.

Crazy Christians rant about Pokemon, Minecraft & Magiquest [YouTube]

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