Crazy Christians Say Pokémon Are "Oriental Demons", Minecraft's "Distracting"

Minecraft, congratulations! You've officially arrived. Religious nuts are railing against you.


For years now, Pokémon's been a favorite target of those outside the religious mainstream.

Dorothy Spaulding from Watchmen Broadcasting, a local Christian broadcast network in Georgia, discussed the perils of Pokeémon with guest Henry Lewis. Apparently, Pokémon are "Oriental demons", and the names of Pokémon are actually the names of real Oriental demons. Nothing quite says demonic like Jigglypuff.

There's also something about evolution, but who believes in that crap anyway!

On the show, Minecraft was lumped in with Pokémon, with the guest saying that it's not "occultic", but it's a distraction that keeps kids from doing things like reading their Bibles.

Be sure to stick around to hear what happened to Henry's pecan tree.

Crazy Christians rant about Pokemon, Minecraft & Magiquest [YouTube]

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Well, thanks for the fuel to encourage more of this Christian bashing. I mean clearly this is who we are, bunch-a simple country folk who don't read too "gud". We like two things, our guns and our Bible and we ain't to keen on them worldly pokeman games, them's of the devil. BEGONE SATAN! Knock this trash off, quit feeding these elitists in the comments who love to pretend they have life figured out and are authorities on what exists. Stop building this propagandist onslaught of posing Christians or any faith, or any type of person in this collage of stupidity. I realize these kinds of stories are funny, I realize that showing stupidity creates some fun for us, but look how seriously people take it, like this is the way people actually are.

Me, my whole family, all our friends and every Christian we know does not go around claiming things are of the devil. Maybe quit watching all these videos of eccentric preachers, fainting LAAAWWWDD praising women and late night televangelists and actually talk to someone who is a Christian. I mean come on, you listen to this guy jabber on about some nonsense, waving his bible around and then think you got enough of the picture to tell us what Christians are all about? You think this is what we do? What we think? How we behave? I don't have to act like I'm "like you" but also Christian to win any approval, but there has been enough of this ignorance spreading the word of the ignorant to shape a picture of what a "brand" of person is. I think maybe you would be surprised at the level of intelligence, understanding, acceptance and care people have if you experience them first hand rather than waiting for articles like this to add another log on the fire. You will find the greatest intelligence and the greatest ignorance at any store you shop in, but you'll only find a lot of one when you stick to an aisle.