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A Sticky Sweet Taste of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Multiplayer

If you give me the option to make a pink and yellow Space Marine, I'm going to make a pink and yellow Space Marine. The Pink Lemonade Brigade is born of the highly flexible customization tools found in the online multiplayer portion of Warhammer 40,000: More »


Spend the Witching Hour With Gears of War 3

There will be more than 20,000 midnight launches next week to kick off the release of Xbox 360's Gears of War 3. Among the events is a Times Square party at the Best Buy Theater in New York featuring Big Sean. More »


Did Angry Birds Help Tackle Political Corruption in India?

India's decision to take tough steps against political dishonesty may have had a little help from a flying, angry bird. Angry Anna, a political riff on popular game Angry Birds, helped to spread the word about Indian activist Anna Hazare's campaign to rid the country's government of graft... More »


Tell Us About the Official Wireless PlayStation 3 Headset, PoweredByHentai

Warning: Today's Speak Up on Kotaku might send you to your local video game retailer with $100 in hand, as commenter PoweredByHentai goes hands-on with Sony's recently-released wireless PlayStation 3 headset. More »


Tokyo Game Show Soldiers On Despite A Looming Identity Crisis

Japan may not be the birthplace of video games, but it is the heart of video game culture. Later this week, gamers from around the world will make their annual pilgrimage to the Tokyo Game Show to take in not just the news and games, but also the culture that surrounds gaming. More »


What the New Counter-Strike Is and Isn't, According to Valve

The next Counter-Strike, the one coming out early next year called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, won't be called Counter-Strike 2, because that game would be "something different", two of Valve's top people on the new game recently told Kotaku. More »

GameStop Officially Wants Your iPhone, iPads, and iPods

Video game retailer GameStop officially gets into the Apple business today with the launch of its long-rumored iPhone, iPad, and iPod trade-in program. More »


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