GameStop To Accept iPods For Trade-In?

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You may not think iPods are true gaming machines, but retail giant GameStop certainly does, as it may soon be accepting Apple's handheld devices for trade-in.


From ancient iPod Shuffles to the more contemporary iPod Touch, if you've got an outdated iPod lying around the house that you can't offload onto a partner or sibling, you could always take it into GameStop and put the money towards a game or console.

There aren't any prices in the system yet, nor could we get an idea of the extent of the range available for trade-in (as in, we don't know if you can trade in a 2001 original), or even an iPhone). So this could be an early listing, or it could be a test market thing.

The fact you can trade these devices in is strange enough, but GameStop doesn't usually accept trade-ins on things it doesn't also sell new. Could the world's largest specialist games retailer soon be selling iPod Touches on the shelf next to a DS or PSP?



I have an original, first gen iPod that still works. How much do you suppose Gamestop would give me for it?