The Pitt: a Confluence of Mutation

.html Lots of running-and-gunning in this here debut trailer for Fallout 3's "The Pitt", which drops March 24. So I guess I've been playing wrong.

See, my instinct when I'm down in the tunnels and I hear a feral ghoul (or, in this case, a trogg) snarl is to bring up VATS, take a deep breath, walk around the room a few times and pee myself before resuming.

Pittsburgh natives will recognize the discolored South Tenth Street Bridge in the opening sequence. I was also hoping that I'd hear a mutated John Madden demanding a pullback blimp shot of "... the confluence!!!" probably the most clichéd establishing shot in the history of televised sports.

Fallout 3 - Exclusive Debut Trailer: The Pitt [Gametrailers, thanks NoBullet]

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Looks great, but I'm torn:

Do I buy the Pitt and play through it without gaining exp, or do I wait for the third DLC, then buy them both and level while I play the Pitt? Decisions, decisions!