The Old Republic Introduces Bounty Hunters

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The Old Republic's Web site has put up a bio for the upcoming game's bounty hunter class, giving us all a look at a proto-Fett who activates his jetpack with a wrist-worn laptop or something.


Of course, what would be a Star Wars universe without bounty hunters, whose presence have been felt in all of the movies going back to the original. Pick this class and you'll likely get assignments to take out Jedi. The write-up sheds a little light on the Sith Empire's policy of death markers and the quilted quicker-picker-uppers who collect on them.

Of course, if you want to be the Boba with a heart of gold, SW:TOR should accommodate you. In describing bounty hunter capabilities, they mention their overall efficacy against "force-users," which probably goes for Sith and other baddies.

The site gives you an overview and writeups of "field recon," "outfitting" and "combat tactics" applicable to this class.

Bounty Hunter at Star Wars: The Old Republic - Classes [thanks, David K. SinfulKnight, Marc P., Dustin and Brendan C. and anyone else who sent this in.]



I am somewhat intrigued by this MMO, but I hate paying monthly for a game...