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The Music Video Made In Flipnote Studio

Last year we featured "No Escape," a music video done in the graphic style of the Atari 2600, by Arman Bohn, whose previous bands included Eureka Farm. He's followed that up with "Brain Games," a video animated in Flipnote Studio.


Bohn hit up Kotaku right after uploading this video yesterday. He says it took nine months to put this together, using Flipnote Studio on his DSi "to create just about the whole thing," and then compositing it all in After Effects, at 1080p.


"Brain Games," like "No Escape," is from the album "BITS," whose art resembles an Atari 2600 cartridge. More info through the link.

Arman Bohn [site]

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Account Defunct

Can you really animate in that much detail in Flipnote Studio? I sold my DSi (not because I didn't like it), but that looks like its a pretty awesome app if so.