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Music Video Done 4-Bit Style

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Arman Bohn, formerly of the band Eureka Farm where he played alongside current members of Deathcab for Cutie, has put out an album inspired by the Atari games of his youth.


This video is "No Escape!" and in addition to its visual style, adds a nice story to make it eminently watchable. The music, self-described as electronic/pop/indie rock, is well-suited to such a 1980s throwback.


No Escape! - from the album "Bits" by Arman Bohn from Distropolis on Vimeo.

The visuals were "created in groundbreaking LD Video at a staggering 96x54 pixels and 256 colors!" Cute, but you can tell a lot of creativity went into it.

If you're interested in the album, the site has links over to iTunes and other online stores. [Site]

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Reminds me of the Leisure Suit Larry 1 and all early EGA Sierra "Quest" games.

It'd be even better if it had a chiptune version of the music too...