The Most Popular Starship In Space

It's not the most luxurious ride in the universe, but then it's not trying to be. Roberts Space Industries doesn't want the 2944 Aurora to be the best ship — just your ship. I don't know about you, but I'm sold.


If I knew absolutely nothing else about Star Citizen, the massively crowd-funded space sim coming from the creator of Wing Commander, I would still be drooling over it based on these glorious ads for virtual rides alone.

I almost called them ads for objects that don't exist, but the Aurora does, at least virtually. It's the latest entry in the game's Pledge Store, when hopeful players can spend money on virtual goods as a means of donating to the product. The Aurora runs $25 to $45. The most expensive ship is $250. That makes the Aurora the Nissan Sentra of space.

Star Citizen will be out late next year at the earliest. Luke Plunkett and I agree that is tragically long to wait.



What part of the awesomeness of this genre have publishers been blind to for a decade? I just don't understand. Then again, this game would be a million times more exciting to me if it was an X Wing Alliance successor.