This Is How You Sell A Starship

I had my eye on a new Jeep Cherokee, but this ad for Origin Jumpworks' new 300i series has me sold, both on the ship and Chris Roberts' Star Citizen.


Okay fine, I was already sold on the game, and this is just proof that my money is on the right trajectory. Only one man takes his space combat games this deep, and that's why his Cloud Imperium Games has already raised more than $10 million to make this game a reality. And this... this is CG in-engine footage from an independent developer that looks better than most CG put out by big-name publishers. That's inspiring, and it's only just the beginning.

Update: Apparently I missed this bit from the Star Citizen 300i page — "In addition to the glossy ship brochure, we’re extremely pleased to present to you the very first promotional ship commercial —rendered entirely in-engine —aimed at showing you just what you’re putting in your hangar!" In-engine. Damn. Just... damn. Fixed the post. Damn.

Hit up the official website to look through the brochure and see how you can slip yourself into one of these babies when the game launches.


Mike Fahey

Updated to reflect that this is rendered in-engine. It's easy to see how I might have been confused.