The Joystick Is Back. Long Live The Joystick.

It's a word that's synonymous with video games, but let's be real: outside of some niche genres the joystick has been dead and buried as a viable control method for well over a decade now. » 3/24/15 7:30pm 3/24/15 7:30pm

Star Citizen Might Take Up At Least 100GB

As video games become more and more complex, the game sizes are getting bigger and bigger, too. Star Citizen might set a new record, though, as the game could be a whopping 100GB. » 3/12/15 11:37am 3/12/15 11:37am

Star Citizen Shoots Up Expensive Spaceships Real Good

While we're still waiting to see how Star Citizen turns out as a whole, Chris Roberts and crew continue to prance out impressive bits of the ambitious crowd-funded space sim, like this lovely video of bits being blown off spaceships. » 3/08/15 1:00pm 3/08/15 1:00pm

Sci-Fi Video Games Pay Tribute To Leonard Nimoy

Following the passing of Leonard Nimoy last week, space games like Star Trek Online, Elite: Dangerous, and Star Citizen all have heart-warming plans to memorialize the man who brought Spock to life. » 3/02/15 2:00pm 3/02/15 2:00pm

Gravity Is Optional In Star Citizen's First-Person Shooter Mode

​This Is What Star Citizen's Planets Will Look Like

Lots of people who are eagerly anticipating Star Citizen are already messing about inside the currently playable slices of the hotly anticipated next game from the creator of Wing Commander. But other people are not. If you're one of the latter, then take a look at the game in action. » 10/13/14 12:08am 10/13/14 12:08am

If Top Gear Reviewed High-Performance Starships

It stands to reason that if the world of Chris Roberts' ambitious crowd-funded space sim Star Citizen has television commercials for new starships, it would likely have its own space-themed version of Top Gear as well. Here's what that looks like. » 9/13/14 12:00pm 9/13/14 12:00pm

Star Citizen Teases Racing, First-Person Shooting

Every time I think Chris Roberts' gorgeous crowdfunded space sim couldn't possibly get any better, the folks at Roberts Space Industries release teaser videos for things like spaceship racing and first-person shooter modules. » 8/16/14 1:00pm 8/16/14 1:00pm

I Will Buy Any Starship Lance Henriksen Wants To Sell Me

The commercial for Star Citizen's MISC Freelancer may be fake, but the desire to buy is quite real, thanks to the reassuringly gravelly narration of Aliens actor Lance Henriksen. » 6/08/14 1:00pm 6/08/14 1:00pm

Star Citizen Is Now Letting Spaceships Shoot At Other Spaceships

Having had little to do for months but walk around their hangars, backers of Star Citizen are finally getting their hands on some dogfighting with the rollout of the game's Arena Commander simulation mode. » 6/04/14 2:49am 6/04/14 2:49am

Please, Space Games, Don't Become The Next Nazi FPS

Space games never really went away. But they've been on something of a comeback trail all the same. What happened to give all us neglected X-Wing fans reason to have faith once again? I'm willing to bet it has something to do with a little thing called the Oculus Rift. » 4/21/14 7:00pm 4/21/14 7:00pm

Forty Minutes Of Star Citizen Combat, Space Walking And Bug Battling

Did you enjoy the look at Chris Roberts' space combat sim Star Citizen in action from PAX East last weekend? Here's all of that, plus so much more. » 4/20/14 7:17pm 4/20/14 7:17pm

14 Minutes Of The Super-Slick Star Citizen In Action

We've long known that the outer-space sim Star Citizen looks gorgeous; that's a big part of the reason the PC game's developers have managed to raise more than $40 million in crowdfunding. At this weekend's PAX East convention in Boston, Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts demoed a bunch of new footage of the game in… » 4/11/14 4:00pm 4/11/14 4:00pm

"Some say that space sims are niche. I'm not so sure." Chris Roberts, veteran game designer, comments on the news of his game, Star Citizen, reaching the $40 million crowdfunding milestone and its website receiving 10,000 new registered users. » 3/11/14 7:40am 3/11/14 7:40am

It's Time For Star Citizen To Get Organized

A massive number of space sim fans have generated nearly $34 million in crowdfunding for Chris Roberts' Star Citizen. Now they're all just milling about, waiting for the game to be finished. Soon they'll be able to mill about in large groups, thanks to the impending launch of the game's Organization System. » 12/06/13 6:00pm 12/06/13 6:00pm

​The Prettiest Space Game in Years Might Never Come to Consoles

When you're behind the game that's broken all sorts of records for crowd-funding—$27,689,361 and counting—you can do what you want when it comes to the hardware that said title will show up on. Cloud Imperium founder Chris Roberts says that Star Citizen "will NEVER be dumbed down for a lesser platform." And yeah, by… » 11/18/13 1:00pm 11/18/13 1:00pm

The Most Popular Starship In Space

It's not the most luxurious ride in the universe, but then it's not trying to be. Roberts Space Industries doesn't want the 2944 Aurora to be the best ship — just your ship. I don't know about you, but I'm sold. » 10/14/13 12:30pm 10/14/13 12:30pm