Star Citizen's Singleplayer Campaign Delayed

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Star Citizen’s singleplayer campaign module, an experience called Squadron 42, has been officially delayed into...well, the future.


The move was announced (via Kotaku UK) on the Citizencon livestream, an event for fans and backers of the ambitious space shooter. No revised release date was given, and given the reasons stated—that many levels for the game are still in a preliminary “grey box” stage— who knows when that date would be.

It’s hardly surprising news. Most people would have expected this delay, since it’s now October 2016 and Squadron 42 has never looked or sounded like it’d be formally and finally released between now and Christmas, but official news is still official news.

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Starting to notice Kotaku love to hate on this game (for reasons which. Are quite frankly. Unclear to me other than the “Bad news is good news” motto).

I mean every time there’s a singular problem expected or unexpected *BOOM*. Hate article. Meanwhile. In the exact same conference they’re literally blowing every sci-fi gamers minds with what they’ve achieved. Yet no link or even mention of the great successes achieved. Key example?? Where was the coverage of the recent flawless Alpha 3.0 Gamescom demo? Non-existent. Whilst I’m not saying you must indeed report on anything and everything that this game does.

Its starting to get a hell of a lot noticeable to the bias for anything surrounding stuff which can be deemed “bad”...