The Most Iconic Moments of the Mass Effect Trilogy

The Mass Effect series is a true space opera full of interstellar battles, irreversible decisions, sprawling story-lines and so, so many defining moments. The events of the trilogy could fill twice as many games and novels as there already are.

The story of Commander Shepard is over, which creates a good opportunity to collect—in no particular order—all of the most impactful moments in the series. Let's check some of them out:

Warning: Massive spoilers ahead for all three Mass Effect games!

The conversation with Sovereign in Mass Effect:

Garrus, our favorite Turian, had way too many great moments to list:

Going through the Omega 4 relay:

Shepard kills Kai Leng in the craziest way possible:

Captain Kirrahe's speech amidst a thunderstorm in Mass Effect:

Shepard had some great speeches, too:

Watching the Normandy get destroyed during the opening scene of Mass Effect 2:

Mordin's unexpected Gilbert and Sullivan performance:

Mordin's curtain call:

Grunt showing Shepard his strength:

Fighting against Reapers:

Reapers invading Earth:


Squaring off against the Shadow Broker:

Meeting The Illusive Man for the first time...


...and seeing him one last time.

The final space battle, with all hands on deck:


The list could go on. There are so many great, chilling moments. What was your favorite one? Is it missing from our list above? Show us in the comments.


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