Welcome To Mass Effect Week At Kotaku!

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The galaxy has been saved; the battle with the Reapers has been won. The last robot zombie has been obliterated, and the final sexy alien has been romanced. The Mass Effect trilogy has ended. What a journey it's been.


With the recent release of the Citadel downloadable add-on, the current era of Mass Effect drew to a close. There will be more adventures in this fictional universe, but the curtain's dropped on Commander Shepard, on Garrus and Liara, Miranda and Joker.

Here at Kotaku, we really like Mass Effect. Since the first game came out in 2007, we've devoted countless articles, critiques and headlines to BioWare's sci-fi series. Six years later, with the trilogy finished, we want to take a week to talk about it all. And so, welcome to Mass Effect Week at Kotaku!

All week, we'll be writing all sorts of articles about Mass Effect, the universe, and everything. You'll see them in and around our usual mix of stuff, and you can follow the series all in one place here.

Everyone on staff will contribute, and we'll even be joined by special guest (and Mass Effect expert) Kate Cox. We'll be bringing back some of our favorite articles from over the years, too, so you'll probably see some old classics from time to time.

We also hope that you'll take the time to contribute; plenty of our articles will ask for input via Kinja, but you can also write something on your own Kinja blog or on the Talk Amongst Yourselves blog. If you tag it "Mass Effect Week," we'll be sure to take a look at it and may even pull an article or two over to the main site throughout the week.


Time to get underway. Pick a class and backstory, fiddle with the character customizer, and report for duty. This week at Kotaku, the Normandy flies once more.



Am I the only one who felt the extended cut DLC was kind of pandering to those that were angered by the ending (a group I was never a part of, though it could have been better I was ok with the ending)?

It just seemed like they spent more time answering questions that didn't really need asking. Of course your squad members got off of Earth by being picked up and taken back to the Normandy...are we so stupid that we have to literally be shown that to know it?

It was an improvement for those people whose problem with the ending stemmed from an inability or unwillingness to be an active part of the story, to form their own conclusions about things and fill in the empty space between what they are shown. Personally, had the extended cut been something I had wanted, I'd have been insulted by what was presented.