The Moneysaver: Here's The Juice

Now, I know you think you're the A-number one hotshot, but here's the juice: If I take you out, ten more coupons will take your place tomorrow. They just won't come on the bus, that's all.


• The Nintendo Wii black bundle is still $179.99 from Dell. [Dealzon]

• Dell is offering the Nintendo DSi with BrainAge for $149.99 after coupon code 4HDMVW6G$408ST. Next lowest price is $169.99 online. [LogicBUY]


• Walmart has the PSPgo with 3 free games for $199. The PSPgo alone (without the games) usually goes on sale for $200 to $219. [LogicBUY]

• The new Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (model NSF-00001, matte black with glossy black accents and black controls instead of gray) is $29.99 from Newegg. [Dealzon]

• Logitech's G15 Gaming Keyboard is $39.99 (use coupon EMCYWNV37) at Newegg [TechDealDigger]

• Amazon slashed the Creative Labs HS-980 Fatal1ty Professional Series MK2 Gaming Headset price down to $49.99. Next lowest is $70 from NewEgg. [LogicBUY]


• It's also available at for $30 after a $20 Rebate. [Slickdeals]

• Dell is offering up to 15 percent off Alienware m11x, M15x and M17x gaming laptops. [LogicBUY].


• Dell is also offering up to 15 percent off Alienware Aurora & Area-51 gaming desktop computers. [LogicBUY].

• If you don't mind used or refurbished laptops, save 20 percent off with coupon code on the Alienware m11x laptop. This is the biggest and lowest price seen for the m11x. [LogicBUY].


• has Wii Fit Premier Pak by Mad Catz for $10. Next lowest price is $19 from Amazon. [Slickdeals]

• has Logitech VX Revolution Cordless Mouse for $30. Next lowest price is $60 from Newegg. [Slickdeals]


• Amazon has Logitech Wireless Anywhere Mouse MX for $34 after $20 Rebate. Next lowest price is $60 from B&H. [Slickdeals]

• Newegg has Logitech X-540 70 watts 5.1 Speakers for $60. Next lowest price is $70 from Amazon. [Slickdeals]


• has Logitech MK700 Wireless Keyboard + Mouse Combo (Dented Box) for $35. Next lowest price is $64 from Amazon. [SlickDeals]


• Preorder Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360 or PS3) for $59, plus you get a $20 Walmart Gift Certificate at Walmart. Or it's $49.99 at Newegg [TechDealDigger]


• Amazon also has Call of Duty Black Ops on Xbox 360 with a $20 Amazon Video Games Credit. [LogicBUY]

• NewEgg has pre-orders on the upcoming Medal of Honor for $49.99. Normally $59.99 everywhere else. (PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.) [LogicBUY]


• Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction (Xbox 360) is $19.99 at BestBuy [TechDealDigger]

• Direct2Drive is offering $10 bucks off PC games via coupon code: SchoolSucks (ends September 7). Titles include Mafia 2 for $39.95 and Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 for $39.95 [LogicBUY]


• Amazon is offering the Splinter Cell Conviction Limited Edition on Xbox 360 for $39.99. Next lowest price is $64.99. This edition comes with a collectable USB drive, a hardbound art book, two exclusive in-game items, collectable decals, a digital comic book - all in a metal hard case. [LogicBUY]

• And BestBuy is offering Splinter Cell Conviction on Xbox 360 for $19.99 with $2.99 shipping or in-store pickup. [LogicBUY]


• Amazon has Yakuza 3 for PS3 for $35. [Slickdeals]

• Amazon has Let's Golf (Online Game Code) for $0.99. [Slickdeals]

• Newegg has Split/Second (PS3/360) for $30. Next lowest price is $40 from Sears. [Slickdeals]


• Steam has Mount and Blade for $7.50. [Slickdeals]

• Steam has Mount and Blade: Warband for $10. [Slickdeals]

• Amazon has Sega Genesis Firecore Classic Console for $26. Next lowest price is $38 from [Slickdeals]


• Microsoft has Sid Meier's Civilization IV: The Complete Edition for $10. Next lowest price is $20 from Amazon. [Slickdeals]

• Direct2Drive has Sid Meier's Civilization V Pre-Order for $10 off. [Slickdeals]


• GameFly has a Used Game Sale: Yakuza 3 for $25, Bioshock 2 (360) for $15, Alien vs. Predator (360) for $15, Vancouver 2010 (360/PS3) for $10, God of War III for $22 [SlickDeals]

• The Band Hero Super Bundle is $59.99 at Dell. [TechDealDigger]

Digital Distribution

This listing of the Top 25 digital download bargains, all for PC, grouped by distributor and ranked by savings, come courtesy of Deals4Downloads. You can see links to these and more at their roundup.


At EA Store
1. Mirror's Edge is $4.99, save 75 percent.
17. Dead Space is $9.97, save 50 percent.

On Steam
2. Mount & Blade is $7.50, save 75 percent.
4. Mount & Blade: Warband is $10.20, save 66 percent.


At GamersGate
3. Zombie Driver is $2.49, save 75 percent.
5. Zombilution is $2.37, save 66 percent.
6. And Yet it Moves is $3.39, save 66 percent.
7. Flotilla is $3.39, save 66 percent.
8. A Kingdom For Keflings is $6.79, save 66 percent.
9. Machinarium is $6.79, save 66 percent.
10. World of Goo is $6.79, save 66 percent.
11. Beat Hazard is $3.99, save 60 percent.
12. Bob Came in Pieces is $3.99, save 60 percent.
13. Braid is $3.99, save 60 percent.
14. Osmos is $3.99, save 60 percent.
15. Avernum V is $7.98, save 60 percent.
16. Geneforge 5 is $7.98, save 60 percent.

On Impulse
18. The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut is $9.99, save 50 percent.
20. Dark Void is $14.99, save 50 percent.
21. Numen: Contest of Heroes is $14.99, save 50 percent.
22. Eschalon Book II is $12.49, save 50 percent.
23. Eschalon: Book I is $9.99, save 50 percent.
24. Duke Nukem 3D is $3.59, save 40 percent.
25. Duke Nukem Manhattan Project is $3.59, save 40 percent.


On Good Old Games
19. Apogee Pack is $14.99, save 50 percent.

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