PC modders have really begun to dig into Far Cry 3. The mind reels at the possibilities.

Granted, Ubisoft hasn't been as supportive of user-created modifications as, say, Bethesda was with Skyrim. But that doesn't mean we can't put together a wishlist of mods we'd love to see.

I did an informal poll of the Kotaku staff to find out what they'd see added to the game. Fair warning—these are totally pie-in-the-sky, and a lot of 'em are probably impossible. Then again, given what we've all seen modders come up with in the past, it feels foolhardy to ever say the word "impossible." We hope you'll add your own desired (or just funny) mod-suggestions down in the comments.



I just know I wasn't the only one to play Far Cry 3 and think, "Okay, well, now I want a Jurassic Park mod for this. Please." Someone's already doing it for Half-Life 2, now let's see it in Far Cry 3.

The Far Cry 2 In-Game Map


I love the map in Far Cry 2. I do not love the map in Far Cry 3. I would probably pay actual money for a mod that let me access a simple, in-game map in Far Cry 3 and keep exploring without having to zoom out to the darned map every time I need to check something. Particularly now that I play the game without a mini-map.



This one is all Luke. He suggests the game have cows in it. I understand the desire, since, you know, cows. Which brings us to another popular suggestion...



Hey, everyone is already unironically calling Far Cry 3 "Skyrim With Dragons." Might as well add some actual dragons to the game. Can you imagine? You're running along when suddenly you're fighting for your life against a fire-breathing dragon. Fortunately, you have explosive-tipped arrows.


Because who doesn't love Malaria, right? Just kidding.

The Jason-Free Mod

Look, we've all spent a lot of time with Jason Brody. Maybe there's a way to turn him into a character from Far Cry 2 and have him shut up a little bit?


3rd-Person Driving

Not everyone's a fan of the first-person driving in Far Cry 3. I like it, but I can see why some wouldn't. So, it would be cool to see a mod that would give players the option of driving from the third-person perspective. Of all the mods on this list, I feel like this one is the most doable.


Co-Op. REAL Co-Op.

Sure, the actual game has a co-op campaign. But I'd love to see a mod that let me and another player cruise around the island together a la Saints Row, causing mayhem. When I think of Far Cry 3 co-op, that's what I think of, not the linear stuff that came with the game. Hey, they did it for Just Cause 2, after all!


Huntable My Little Ponies

Three guesses who came up with this one. That's right, it was our resident Brony, Mike Fahey. We've already seen a couple of My Little Pony mods for Skyrim, so some mods for Far Cry 3 seem like they could still happen.



Any guesses who put this one in? Yes, it was Kotaku's resident cat-fan Tina Amini. Tina's got a point though—I didn't think I would grow to love my Torchlight II pet to the degree that I did, and yet here we are. I'd love to have a dog or a panther or a dragon follow me around in Far Cry 3.


Faster Cars

The New Game Plus overhaul mod makes it so your character runs faster, which is actually a lot of fun; it'd be cool if there could be a mod to make your cars drive faster, too.


Predator Mode

As long as we're re-creating our favorite jungle island movies in Far Cry 3, we might as well add a cloaking mode to the game. Hey, it worked for Crysis! It could work here.


And that's our Far Cry 3 mod wishlist. How about you? Any mods you'd like to see in the game?