Hold On To Your Butts, It's A Jurassic Park Game Made In The Half-Life Engine



What's that sound? The coffee on my desk is shaking.



Oh god, look at that. At the window. It's a super ambitious Jurassic Park game made using Valve's source engine. Stay perfectly still, and it won't be able to see us.

The game/mod, called Jurassic Life, is a collaboration between a group of volunteers. They're sure to note that the video demo above is still very much a work in progress. I've seen the source engine do a lot of the interior stuff they've got going on here, but the jungles are something else.

Half the time I was playing Far Cry 3, I was sort of wishing there were dinosaurs. Jurassic Life looks like it'll satisfy that desire. The team is looking for a coder/programmer and another modeler, so if you've got some experience in those areas, head over to their site and help them make this grand-looking thing into a reality.


Jurassic Life [via Cinemablend]

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I'd like to see a game like this with realistic damage.

It just doesn't seem right that you can shrug off a raptor repeatedly clawing\biting you, much less being impaled\rammed by a triceratops and thrown 30 feet away.

Games like this should be about stealth\avoidance and running for your life to safety when the shit hits the fan.