The King of Rock and Roll, in Video Games

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Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.


Top Five Video Game Elvises [Houston Press] On a cold and gray January mornin' another video game Elvis is born in the Top 5 (in the Top 5 ...) and the readers cry ... because the Houston Press forgot to include Elvis MODOK from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Six Video Game Cocktails [The Guardian] Now here's some news you can use. The Guardian's Keith Stuart concocts six cocktails based on 2011's best video games, with photographs. By far my favorite is "The Portal Two." Dig that fluorescent rim frosting! "Batman: Arkham Party" wins best name.

The Top 7 Video Game PR Fails of All Time [Ranker] Yes, I'm sure we all know who is No. 1. His name rhymes with Schmaul Schmistoforo. But there have been half-a-dozen other boneheaded PR stunts and disasters, and, frankly, this list could have gone out to 10 or 15 or even 20.

Ten New Year's Resolutions All Gamers Should Have [OC Weekly] No. 1: Finish your pile of shame. Scoop of chocolate, scoop of vanilla, don't waste my time.

11 Evil Choices in Video Games [UGO] Nuking Megaton. There is no redemption after you do that. You killed poor Moira! How will you ever complete the Wasteland survival guide? Plus, you're a dickbag.


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Smug Anime Face

I know some really stupid PR stunts, at least to me, that should have made the list(in no specific order). Even if they aren't actually PR stunts, they're actions that made them look bad to me:

1. Activision, ever since 2008 after their acquisition of Blizzard and Vivendi. They really piss me off when CEO Bobby Kotick opens his ass of a mouth. To paraphrase:

"It's not a franchise that's exploitable" after dropping Brutal Legend, only for it to get picked up by EA causing Activision to sue them to prevent release of the game.

"We want to take the fun out of making games/We want an atmosphere of Cynicism, Pessimism, and Fear" This was so notorious, that Infinity Ward had these names for various loadout names in a Modern Warfare 2 demo.

2. EA's Origin. Spyware, an unintuitive interface(or so I heard), and forcing people to use it to play their newest games just guaranteed a swift nope.

3. Nintendo

-E3 2008

-Lack of third-party dev support

-Refusal to release more hardcore first-party titles in the U.S.(Fatal Frame IV, Dynamic Zan are two examples, not counting Project Rainfall)

-"No Plans" for releasing Xenoblade, that is, until they FINALLY announce it way too late.

-WiiWare's descent into irrelevance thanks to superior services from XBLA and PSN.

-3DS's region-locking, eyesore 3D, disappointing launch, and lack of a second analog stick.