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The Leipzig Games Convention, the consumer showing of Europe's finest forthcoming video games (read: whatever SingStar version is planned for the Holidays), hits the Leipziger Messe from August 20 to August 24. And Kotaku was there! No, they're not there anymore, and yet they keep writing. Seriously, we can't stop. If you missed anything, peruse our massive catalog of updatage, a reference guide to everything we've written from the show updated throughout each day. If you'd prefer to "feel" Games Convention through the power of interpretive dance, we got you covered there, too.Game Impressions New Dead Space Hands-On Impressions Killzone 2 Multiplayer Hands On - Five Good Things The Witcher Enhanced Edition - What A Difference A Year Makes Fracture Multiplayer - The View From Germany Golden Axe: Beast Rider Impressions Of Excessive Brown Left 4 Dead To Follow Portal, TF2's Example Runes Of Magic - More Than A WoW Clone MadWorld Isn't Just About Throwing People Into Walls Of Spikes, Y'know Heavy Rain: You're Soaking In it Dead Rising Wii - How Gimped It Is Hands-On: Losing The Twin Towers With Invaders! The House of the Dead Overkill Impressions Of Delicious Gore Beer Goes Well With Guitar Hero: World Tour Hands On With Street Fighter IV 360 Web Of Shadows Hands On - Spider-Man Reborn Dark Void - Have Jetpack, Will Travel MK vs. DC: Hands On With The Joker Grand Theft Auto IV For PC Eyes-On H.A.W.X. Aces Air Combat inFamous - Sucker Punch's Electrical Outlet Far Cry 2 Map Editor Makes Map Editing Easier Bayonetta Impressions: What Deadly Hair You Have! StarCraft II: Hands-On With The Zerg Wipeout HD One-Year Anniversary Impressions Star Wars: Clone Wars - Saber Rattling The Chronicles Of Spellborn: A Different Kind Of MMORPG Diggin' Lode Runner XBLA At Games Convention Game Announcements What's In SingStar: Queen Anyway? Naruto: Ultmate Ninja Storm Getting Day One DLC Silent Hill Homecoming Coming to Steam in September Buzz!: Brain Bender announced for PSP 'SingStar: Singalong With Disney' Announced For PS2, Exclusive to PAL Territories SCEE announces VidZone Service For PS3 EyePet Brings Virtual Monchichis To PlayStation 3 GH: World Tour Wii Gets Mii Freestyle, Air Drums Konami Sheds Light On Lords Of Shadow Wonder Woman, Raiden Two Of Four New Kombatants House Of The Dead Overkill Beats The Shit Out Of Grooming A Horse EA Sports Adds Tennis To '09 Line Up, Snags Wimbledon Rights BioShock Brings Challenge Rooms to PS3, Coming Oct. 21, Oct. 24 Interviews Blizzard Is Tired Of You Asking When StarCraft II Will Be Done Brian Bright On Guitar Hero: World Tour - We're Bringing It PS3 World Tour Rock Band Compatible Only The Barbarian Will Return In Diablo III News Left 4 Dead Box Art To Change? "Stay Tuned" Artists Pulls 9/11 Invader Exhibit from Games Convention LBP's User-Generated Content Is Region-Locked? Huh? Taito Considering Legal Action Againt 9/11 Invader Artist Guinness World Records Set At Leipzig GC Killzone 2 Adds Multiplayer Bot Action The Activision Presser, With Special Guest German Guy Get A Good Look At The New PSP-3000 Konami's GC 2008 Presser - Here's What Happened GC Presser Round Up: Sony Artist Explains WTC Space Invaders Exhibit at Games Convention Space Invaders Attack World Trade Center At Games Convention PS3 Wireless Keypad Ships This Holiday Worldwide New Official Details, North American Date For PSP 3000 Meet Your Sexy New Red Alert 3 Cast Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 160GB PS3 Priced, Dated for North America Warhawk Jet Packs, Crash Commando, Savage Moon Invade Sony PSN PS3 Firmware Update Lets SingStar Owners Rip PS2-Only Tracks [Update] Heavy Rain Gets Public Showing At Games Convention PlayStation 3 160GB Model Coming To Europe PlayStation 3 Controller Getting Wireless Keypad Sony Announces New PSP Model Gary Oldman Answers Call of Duty Sims 3 Will Be Out In February 2009 Rumor: Sony To Debut EyeToy Play 2 At Leipzig Unless You're Nintendo, Game Consoles Are Expensive Frenchies Bust Into Sony Presser Rehearsal, Spoilers Ahead PC Gaming a $10.7 Billion Industry Here's What EA Is Bringing to Leipzig Street Fighter IV Console Debut At Leipzig GC! 360 Gets Improved Controller, But Only For A Limited Time Family of 9/11 Victims Tear into Space Invaders Exhibit PSP-2001 vs PSP-3000 No 160GB PlayStation 3 For You, Australia Team Fortress 2 Updates Coming To Xbox 360 Later This Year Invaders! Indeed No Longer Playable At GC 08 The GC Adventure Comes To A Close David Perry's Keynote: Sony Will Never Make Money on the PS3 Leipzig GC Sets New Attendance Record Don't Worry, Red Alert Fans, Jenny McCarthy Is Apparently A "Badass" Tanya Behold, Leipzig's Best In Show Leipzig Games Convention Dated For 2009... And That's Final! Videos MK vs. DC: Joker Will Shoot You In The Face Games Convention As Interpretive Dance New Dark Void Trailer Talks Vertical Cover New Wheelman Walkthrough Shows Early Mission and Lots of Car Crashing Midway Releases New Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Teaser Tyranids Eat Space Marines In Dawn of War 2 Trailer First Real Pro Evo 2009 Gameplay Footage Prince of Persia Gameplay Walkthrough The First Lords of Shadow Trailer New MadWorld Trailer Is Mad As Ever See Your Sexy New Red Alert 3 Cast Far Cry 2 Map Editor Looks Absolutely Amazing Debut FIFA 09 Trailer New Killzone 2 Multiplayer Trailer A New Perfect World International Trailer Capcom Releases New Resident Evil 5 Trailer Something Wicked This Way Comes, A New Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Trailer New Mirror's Edge Gameplay Trailer Shows Free Running Acrobatic Insanity Watch The Heavy Rain Gameplay Trailer Midway Releases New Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Teaser New Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Cinematic Trailer Own The City That Never Sleeps in This is Vegas! New Fracture Walkthrough Talks About Multiplayer A Look at Mercenaries 2: World in Flames "Zero Rules" Co-Op Play New Jumpgate Evolution Trailer Shows Intersteller Greatness Mechanical Arm Swinging Goodness in Bionic Commando Trailer This Time, Decapitate Zombies With Your Wii-mote Screens Sexy New WipEout HD Screens New Red Faction Guerrilla Screens New RACE Pro Screens New Mortal Kombat vs DC Screens New Lego Batman Character Announced, Batgirl! Will Diablo III Be Playable At BlizzCon? Booth Babes It's Not Games Convention Until The Stripper-Mobile Arrives Aion Booth Babe Feeling Blue Sega Sexes Up Samba De Amigo For Games Convention Age Of Conan Does Booth Babes Right Culture GC Stories - A Light In The Darkness Games Convention's Most Ignored Games Sega Wins Kotaku's Coveted "Best Press Kit Of Games Convention" Award Cosplay Runs Rampant At Games Convention Wanna Play SOCOM At Games Convention? On Your Knees, Boy! Lunchtime At Games Convention 2008 Germany - Ich Leibe Es! Where Old Promo Statues Go To Die And Then They Started Breakdancing... Pre-Show Updates No PS3 Price Cut At Leipzig No Leipzig Press Conference From Microsoft Nintendo Not Attending Leipzig This Year Games Convention 08 Is Press Conference Central Blizzard Unveiling Lich King cinematic, Details at Leipzig Age Of Conan Invades GC Sega's GC Line Up - Sonic, Samba, And Surprises Headstrong's Secret Sega Title To Get Leipzig Outing 1C's Games Convention Line-Up Featuring Playable Theater of War 2 Dragon Age Visits Gen Con Indy, GC, PAX Paradox Interactive At GC - Project Mayhem? Video Games Live Brings Crysis Music Home Why Gears of War 2 Won't Be At Leipzig Deep Silver At Games Convention 2008 What's EA Bringing To Games Convention? Early Images From Games Convention 2008


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@TheIrishNinja: MS is going to be there, but now big fuss or press conference at Leipzing, though.