Since this is my first time out of the country, McWhertor and I have been sticking pretty close for the past week, going out to eat together after the show (time permitting), leaving together from the hotel in the morning, etc. Last night, however, McMike had some stuff to do and I needed to grab a couple souvenirs for the folks back home, so I made my way to the main Leipzig train station all by myself. Despite being a big boy now, I was feeling a bit lost, a little homesick, and just the general nervousness you get when in unfamiliar territory - at least until I took a random escalator and came across this beacon of hope. Yeah, good old GameStop made me feel right at home, and why shouldn't it? 50% of my time out of my apartment is spent at the video game retailer, and this one is really no different from any mall-based GS in the states, except that there are a few more German words and the prices are in Euros. I almost bought a copy of Doodle Hex for the DS until I realized that with current currency values I would be spending approximately $10 million on it.