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The First Football Game in Cowboys Stadium

Illustration for article titled The First Football Game in Cowboys Stadium

Was, for the record, a game of Madden NFL 10, on a PlayStation 3.

PlayStation and EA Sports invited more than 200 fans to the NFL's newest stadium on Saturday to battle it out on Cowboys' Stadium's big screen, which has been the scene of video gameplay before. The event played out during the Cowboys' appreciation day for their season ticket holders. About 10,000 fans were expected to attend while the Madden tournament played out on the Godzillatron - the world's largest 1080p hi-def screen.


The tournament's winners and first two runners up won prize packages, ranging from a PS3 for first, to PSPs for second and third. And they got a copy of Madden 10, of course.


Thanks to reader Trent, who attended and snapped this pic.

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Hate to be a douche but that's not excatly true, Owen.

In the month of July the stadium was already "inaugurated" with a football (of the ball+feet type) match during the CONCACAF's Gold Cup. It was a Mexico VS Haiti quaterfinals soccer match that was held there and was witnessed by a little over 70,000 people inside the stadium (aka, full).