The Fastest Hat In All The West

This week we check in some old Fallout 3 questions, rebuild Nancy Pelosi’s garage door, go snowboarding in The Witcher 3, assassinate people in VR, play a canceled Tomb Raider game, and reach for the sky.


Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

Try to think about how you would even BEGIN to explain this to someone in the 1980s.

Netflix, here’s a great idea for the next season.


I understand why they laughed, but Master Chief and Mario games would have been interesting to see.



Red Dead Online’s latest update is wild.


“And- OH NO! The Invisible Man has entered and is killing Seth Rollins with a ladder.”


This past week has been a giant mess. But it also made this random GameFAQs post from years ago funny.



Trailers And Videos From The Past Week

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InvadingDuck | Zachary D Long

Yes! The new Apex mode and additions are pretty fun! I’m a bit disappointed Kotaku didn’t cover it more, but giving Pathfinder (the robot who wants to be everyone’s friend) a noir backstory is INCREDIBLY good lore.

“This a game to you?” “It’s my job! :)” “Oh, a professional...”

“Who sent you? I want a name!” “I want a name too! What is it?”

And also all the other jobs he got fired from.