The Best Gaming GIFs Of 2013

What did we get from this year of next-gen press conferences, console launches, Nintendo Directs, and huge open-world games? Some good times. And some amazing animated GIFs.


Enjoy our selection of this 2013's best gaming GIFs, and giffy posts. Don't forget to toss up your picks too in the comments below, to turn the whole thing into a chaotic, animated trip.

The PS4 Hype Train Destroys the Internet With Animated GIFs

Sony's slightly-coy announcement that they'd be holding an event to unveil the PlayStation 4 made every diehard fan go mental. That resulted in a flood of GIFs featuring Sony boss Kaz Hirai.

Killzone On The PS4 Is Absolutely Stunning. Let's Stare At It.

The first footage from the next-gen Killzone game looked pretty neat.

The Most Hilarious Skateboarding Glitches, Now In Motion


We salute YouTuber HelixSnake! Thanks for playing Skate 3 all year in a rather... different way.

Nintendo's President Is a One-Man GIF Generator


How many Nintendo Directs have there been? 15? 20? 25? Whatever the correct number is, Satoru Iwata's appearances are always the best parts (well, other than when they show Bayonetta 2 gameplay).

Weird Moments With Kiefer Sutherland, Also Known As The New Snake


Kiefer "Snake" Sutherland certainly enjoyed Konami's E3 press conference.

The Internet's Hilarious Reactions To E3


The internet was full of funny reactions to Sony's and Microsoft's E3 press conferences.

E3 Aftermath


Most menacing thing of the year? The Villager from Animal Crossing mixing it up in the new Smash Bros., perhaps.

This Referee Has To Chill Out


One of the year's most popular glitchy GIF, that's for sure.

Just An Average Day In Arma III


ArmA III turned out to be a really good open world game. Maybe not for reasons like this. Or maybe so?

Everyone Wants to Ride Motorcycles Like in Akira


This s one way to celebrate the best moments from Akira.

Ride To Hell Has Serious Issues. So It's Perfect For Animated GIFs.


Remember the biker action-adventure game Ride to Hell? No? You'll like these GIFs, anyway.

This Is How You Hijack A League Of Legends Tournament


A lot of funny stuff happens on eSport events and streams. You just have to find them.

Oh My God It's A Dog Taking Down A Helicopter


Good dog. Good boy.

The GTA V Hype Train Destroys Other Games With Animated GIFs


Grand Theft Auto V wasn't even out yet, but the internet was already full of cool reactions.

Grand Theft Auto V GIFs Are Here To Conquer The Internet


People are still making these, and the best is yet to come if we ever see a PC release.

The Funniest GTA V And GTA Online Glitch GIFs


Of course, GTA glitched out for a few people, especially once GTA Online launched.

PS4 Developer Talks About The GIF That Made Him Famous


Never underestimate the power of the GIF!

Antonio Banderas Hijacks The PS4 Launch With Glorious GIFs


The folks over at NeoGAF couldn't resist putting Antonio Banderas in just about any PS4-related GIF that was celebrating the new console's launch.

Terry Crews Hijacks The Xbox One Launch With Unstoppable Force


The same happened a week later with Terry Crews and the Xbox One.

Battlefield 4's Beta Ends, Glitchy GIFs Emerge


Battlefield 4 GIFs were a great way to end 2013. Seriously. What could top this?

Don't forget to toss up your picks in the comments below.

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