This picture has become a meme here on Kotaku, and a favorite callback joke in our weekly Kotaku 'Shop Contest. I'm pushing a wheelbarrow, wearing the Selk'Bag 4G sleep system that I reviewed for gamer lifestyle suitability back in October. But wait, is that a spooky hidden secret lurking in the background?

Credit reader HerpesDerpes for pointing this out yesterday: There is a face formed by the branches in the upper right background of this image. Once you see it, well, you know the rest. Not only that, the face is present in an alternate photograph that was never published. Who is it? What is it? Leaf through the gallery to see whose spirit this may be invoking. Or suggest your own in the comments.

I think it looks like Weird Al Yankovic.


Or Gene Shalit. The crazy hair and glasses are apparent.

You think it looks like Heath Ledger's Joker? Not sure if serious ...


Kate Cox suggested that it looks like the famous picture of Einstein sticking out his tongue.

You can see a variation of the face in this unpublished image. We have theories as to what this haunted spirit may be.


Kirk Hamilton suggests it's Barf the Mog from Spaceballs.


Totilo thinks it's Grimace.

I think there's only one answer to all of this. It's the Face on Mars.