To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: On Brick Ceilings and Private Views Oh, nice. Gawker's new office sounds swish. I prefer working from home though. Things like dressing and shaving and bathing can be a real drag some days. Back from a day off! Spent it at the Nissan dealership. Ah, yes, the Nissan dealership. If you ever want free stuff in Japan, please visit one of two places: A car dealership or an apartment showroom for a new apartment building. (I'm sure there are others!) At the Nissan dealership, we got: free soft drinks, 1 towel, a bar of "Skyline" branded soap (I know), a remote controlled toy car and a small loaf of bread stuffed in a metal can. Stuff they give away at apartment showrooms isn't nearly as neato, but you're guaranteed to get free soft drinks at the very least. What you missed last night Valve: Team Fortress 2 Updates Not Coming To PS3 Orange Box LEGO Super Mario Cheats With 3D Scanner Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Selling By The Bantha-load Today, Halo 3 Got A Bunch Of New Stuff Phoenix Wright, As Cross-Dressing All Female Musical Watch Someone Else Play LittleBigPlanet For 14 Minutes Capcom Cannot Quit Resident Evil Wii-makes Warhammer Online Does Not Heart Gold Farmers