Phoenix Wright, As Cross-Dressing All Female Musical

Take that! The all-female Takarazuka Revue troupe is best known its musical stage shows where women actresses play both male and female roles. The Revue's shows range from the traditional (Guys and Dolls, Oklahoma!) to anything but (stage versions of Oliver Stone's JFK, Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby). Next February, the Takarazuka Revue's Cosmos troupe will bring its crossing-dressing musical sense to a stage version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, complete with romance and intrigue. It's interesting to note that Takarazuka has decided to go with the game's English language character name, Phoenix Wright, instead of the character's original Japanese name, Ryuichi Naruhodo. The ace attorney will be played by actress Ranju Tomu, pictured in costume. Hit the jump for a shot of her without the man makeup.

<宝塚歌劇>人気ゲーム初の舞台化 「逆転裁判」 宙組の蘭寿とむさんが主演 [Yahoo! News] [Pic]

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bobtheduck in Korea


Well... Not really. Sounds cool! Japan should be very used to crossdressing drama... I mean, you know, with Kabuki and all.