Joining Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 4, yet another Resident Evil GameCube title is finding a home on the Nintendo Wii. This time, its the GameCube RE remake that's getting the Wii-make. Ha! That's a Wii-make of a remake. The game will use the Wii-mote or the GameCube controller (you know, if you don't actually have a GameCube version of the game that you can already play on your Wii). It's out December 25th in Japan. Wonder how many more of these Capcom's gonna do... Think we're reaching saturation point, and if there's one company we think should understand saturating the market, it's Capcom. But, hey, if people buy this kinda stuff, no doubt Capcom will keep shoveling these Wii-makes out one after the other after the other. [2ch]


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