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Ten Fingers on Five Frets in Guitar Hero: Van Halen

Illustration for article titled Ten Fingers on Five Frets in Guitar Hero: Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen's performance of "Eruption" is more impressive. That's not the question being asked. But this comparison shows the similarity of the finger work in the tapping sections, which speaks well of the design of Guitar Hero: Van Halen.


It takes a performer like Danny "GuitarHeroPhenom" Johnson, holder of eight marks in the Guinness Book of World Records, to bring it out (and he 100 percents this song just an hour after getting Guitar Hero: Van Halen in the mail.)


But from looking at what the game expects of you if you're going to take on this kind of a solo, it's obvious Guitar Hero: Van Halen's designers studied this kind of video in an attempt to create the same effect.

Video: Van Halen Eruption solo, Guitar Hero Phenom vs. Eddie Van Halen [5frets]

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It's too bad that Van Halen basically undoes all of the effort Activision/Neversoft did to update GH5.

Seriously, the game is going to launch in Decemeber and it's engine is based on a game that will have been released 6-7 months earlier.

It comes off as slaggin' lazy.