Tecmo Throwback Achievements Reward Work Done Long Ago

If Tecmo Bowl Throwback actually plays like its 1991 cousin, with similar players, then in addition to destroying everything on earth with the Run-and-Shoot Houston Oilers, I guarantee I'll get eight of the game's 12 achievements in my first game.


I've never seen a set of expectations more basic than these. Even the weakest members of Tecmo Super Bowl's Run-and-Shoot Houston Oilers could deliver these goods. Gain 20 yards on a running play? If you can still bust tackles with the A button, I can easily do that with Lorenzo White (or his 2010 analog). Kicking a 60-yard field goal depends on the situation of course, but goddamn, every one of the kickers in this game was Super Toe, and Al Del Greco is to the best of my recollection the only place kicker to be featured in a Nike commercial, albeit ironically.

Granted, this assumes that Tecmo Bowl Throwback does not consider the Run-and-Shoot Houston Oilers an all-star team - which they were in fact, if not in real life. But if anyone wants to play me in an online ranked match, I can make this nine of 12 achievements in the first game, day of release. Serious.

• On the spot (15)
Complete a pass (computer opponent, no All-Star teams)

• Can't catch me! (15)
Gain 20 yards with a running play (computer opponent, no All-Star teams)

• Blind Sided (15)
Sack the opponent's Quarterback (computer opponent, no All-Star teams)

• Tecmo Bowl Champ (25)
Win a single player competition Season

• When pigs fly (15)
QB passes for more than 300 yards during a match (manual, computer opponent, no All Stars)

• Razzle dazzle (15)
Same RB runs for more than 100 yards during a match (manual, computer opponent, no All Stars)

• Better to receive... (15)
Same WR catches for more than 150 yards during a match (manual, computer opponent, no All Stars)

• Who's next? (15)
Win a ranked online match

• Complete domination (20)
Win a ranked online match by 18 points or more

• Return to Sender (20)
Score a Touchdown on a kickoff return (computer opponent, no All-Star teams)

• QBs are overrated (15)
Win a match without using passing plays (computer opponent, no All-Star teams)

• It's good! (15)
Make a 60 yard field goal (computer opponent, no All-Star teams)

Tecmo Bowl Throwback Achievement List [Xbox 360 Achievements via Operation Sports]

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